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Martial Art Centre
741 Riverway Drive,
(Formally: 741 Ross River Rd)
Thuringowa Central

Ph: 47739794
E: info@choikwang-do.com.au


1.   No members details, phone numbers, addresses can be given out.
2.   Any documentation containing any names or personal details is to be disposed of into document destruction bins.
3.   All computers are to be left on 'AABlank Screen(for members confidentiality)' settings whenever left unattended.

While all care is taken - no responsibility will be accepted for items left at the Dojahng 



 Members must purchase own safety equipment, name should be placed on all equipment and uniforms or should be personalised in some way.

Training shields, focus mitts, punching bags, punch towers, torso punch bags, speed balls, uppercut bags etc. supplied

Treadmills, exercise bikes etc. must do a 'basic use' session before using - not available to children.



 Punching bags are for power training,

All tower bags, dummy bags, speed balls, spring balls are for combination training

 Partner held equipment is for power training up to level acceptable to your training partner

Focus mitts are not to be used as footballs, punching bags are not to be climbed or swung on, shield are not to be used for barging unless as part of a controlled drill.



 Items left in the Dojahng will be placed in the pigeon holes shelf.   Every 1 to 2 months a notice will be placed up in the school and local newspaper community notices of intent to dispose of lost property.  Items not claimed in the allotted time will be disposed of or donated to charity.

Items that may have some value will be held in a non-public area for collection and at time of notice of disposal will be listed with a basic description, the list will be placed above the lost property box stating items are ready for disposal.



Your name should be written on your uniform.  All uniforms should be kept clean laundered, ironed and tidy.  Uniforms are to be adjusted at the ankle and wrist so as to correctly fit.

Uniforms are a poly/cotton blend that is easy to manage and should NEVER be bleached as it will cause the fabric to yellow.



Dojahng 1 & 2 are found downstairs, Dojahng 1 is closest to the back of the building, Dojahng 2 is adjacent the foyer.

If a class is being run on Dojahng 1 only; then Dojahng 2 is available for use.

All facilities, equipment and floors are available for use to members (and their guests) during our opening hours.

All rules must be adhered to by everyone using the facility.



Dojahng 3 can be found upstairs above the foyer and offices area.

Dojahng 3 is an adult use training area with bag and training equipment circuits and comfortable seating.   Ladies Only classes, Beginners classes, and Black Belts Only classes are often held in Dojahng 3.   Outside of class times this area is an open access area for all adults, if the doors to the stairs are closed just open them and head on up.     Parents and other adults cannot constitute authority for child access of Dojahng 3.  Only instructors can invite children members upstairs to prepare for class or training.   This is a no viewing area dojahng.


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